Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV Screen (Fixed!)

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Do you have horizontal lines on your Vizio TV screen? I get a lot of requests from Vizio TV users on how to fix the annoying horizontal lines. 

As someone who has used Vizio TV for a while now, I have had to deal with several issues on my TV, including horizontal lines display.

A photo of Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV Screen

I have also experienced issues where my Vizio TV screen is blue tinted.

This guide will show you the sure-fire methods for horizontal lines on your Vizio TV screen. 

Why Does My Vizio TV Display Horizontal Lines?

Horizontal lines on Vizio TV screen issues can be software or hardware issues. In most cases, it’s usually a software issue that is easy to deal with. 

Some software problems that could cause the horizontal lines on your Vizio TV include outdated firmware that could result in glitches and wrong TV configurations.

On the other hand, it could also be a minor hardware problem, such as a faulty HDMI cable and HDMI connection, or a more technical challenge, like an issue with your TV dashboard.

You can tell whether the horizontal lines on the Vizio TV screen are a software or hardware problem.

If the lines move or fade after a while, that is a software problem. For a hardware problem, the lines are usually permanent and bold. 

How to Remove Horizontal Lines on Vizio TV Screen

Method 1. Update your TV Firmware

The first thing I did when I had the horizontal line on my Vizio TV screen was to update the TV firmware.

As I mentioned earlier, the problem could be a software glitch when your firmware isn’t up to date.

If you are using a smart Vizio TV, all you need to do is connect the TV to the internet, and will download any available update automatically. 

If you are using an older model of Vizio TV, follow the steps below to check and update the firmware:

  1. Turn on your TV and connect to the internet
  2. Press the Menu button on your Vizio Tv remote
  3. Scroll down and select Admin and Privacy ( on some older models, you’ll have to go to Systems)
  4.  Select Check for Updates to let your TV check if there are available updates
  5. If there is a new update, your TV will download it automatically

Method 2. Restore Factory Settings

From my experience with TVs, vertical or horizontal lines can appear on your TV screen when you have a misconfiguration on the TV. 

It could be a wrong input mode setting or a misconfigured resolution. Trying to figure out what setting is wrong can be tiring and even lead to a worse situation. 

Resetting the TV’s original settings is the best way to deal with this issue. This will revert any wrong settings made and may fix the horizontal lines.

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Go to Admin and Privacy (on some models, you must go to System first, then Admin and Privacy.
  3. Select Reset to Factory Settings
  4. After your TV resets, turn it off and on again, then see if the lines are gone. 

Method 3. Check your HDMI Cable Connection:

Whether horizontal black lines, horizontal green lines, or any other type of lines on your Vizio TV, the HDMI connection and power cable are usually one of the first suspects for this problem. 

First, unplug the HDMI cable and power cord, clean the ports and contacts, then plug them back and ensure they are firmly plugged into their respective ports. 

If you can lay your hands on some new cables, try them to ensure they are not damaged.

I don’t know how it works in your environment, but you can try contacting a nearby electronic appliance shop to borrow some cables for the test. 

Method 4. Reboot your Vizio TV

Once you have checked that your HDMI and power connections are working fine, reboot the TV and see if this will clear the horizontal lines. 

To reboot your Vizio TV, press the Menu button on your remote, go to Admin and Privacy or Systems, then select Reboot TV

Method 5. Power Cycle your TV

Power Cycling your Vizio TV can often help remove the horizontal line from your TV. This method has helped me a lot of times, and that’s why I’m recommending it. 

When performing a power cycle, unplug your TV from the power socket, then hold down on the power button on the TV set for about 10 seconds to allow the power to drain. 

Plug the TV back into the socket and turn it on to check if the horizontal line on the Vizio TV screen issue has been resolved.

Method 6. Check your TV Power Supply

Sometimes your VIZIO TV could display those horizontal lines because it isn’t getting enough power supply to function well. Some surge protectors and extensions can interfere with the power being supplied to your TV. 

If you notice or suspect your TV is getting low voltage, remove any surge protector or extension and connect it directly.

But if low voltage is affecting the entire building, you may need to contact your electricity supplier.

Method 7: Clear Vizio TV Cache

Sometimes just clearing your TV cache by power cycling might not be enough. You may also need to clear the cache on individual apps on the TV.

To clear the cache in your Vizio Smart TV, complete the following steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > System Apps
  2. Select the app you want to clear the cache on
  3. Click on Clear Cache and select Ok

You can also uninstall some apps you don’t use on your TV to free up more space and fix the horizontal lines issue. 

Method 8. Check Connected Devices

Funny enough, you could be battling with your TV, not knowing that the issue isn’t with your Vizio TV but with other devices connected to the TV. 

If you have other devices connected to your TV, such as a DVD player, streaming device, game console, etc., disconnect them and see if the lines still appear on your Vizio TV.

If they don’t, that should tell you where the problem originated. 

Method 9. Visit a Professional TV Technician

If all the above solutions fail to fix the problem, there’s most likely an issue with your TV hardware’s internal components. It could be that the LCD or LED panel is damaged or the gate drivers of the TV have gone bad. 

Other components of the Vizio TV that could cause horizontal lines when faulty include the T.Con board, the timing control board, or the main board.

I do not recommend diagnosing and repairing the TV hardware components yourself.

Instead, please take it to a professional TV technician to handle it professionally.

Method 10. Contact Vizio TV support

If the technician says nothing is wrong with the TV hardware, you can contact Vizio TV support for further assistance.

Our TV is still under warranty, and you can return it and get a replacement.

Final Thoughts

Horizontal lines on Vizio TV screens can be bothersome.

Fortunately, these tips have helped many Vizio TV users, including myself, deal with the issue. I hope one of these methods works for you.