How to Turn off HDR on LG TV? (Try This!)

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Are you wondering how to turn off HDR on LG TV?

I’ve got you covered on this one. I have been using LG TV for years and can attest that it’s a high-quality TV with amazing features. 

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One of the fantastic features offered by this brand is the HDR mode.

However, many users like to have the HDR mode turned off, and if you are one of them, I’ll show you how to do it in this guide. 

But first, let me explain what the HDR mode in LG TV is about.

What is HDR mode on LG TV?

The High-Dynamic Range (HDR) is a feature in LG TV that provides viewers realistic and cinematic picture quality.

If you love to stream shows and movies on your TV, you’d love this feature. 

This feature is supported on the LG Super UHD and OLED TVs

Typically, the HDR feature enhances the contrast, brightness, and color accuracy of the content you’re watching. 

Producers often pay attention to the contrast ratio and color accuracy of the pictures when producing shows intended to get viewers glued to their screens. 

Unfortunately, not all TVs can display pictures in HDR. When considering your next step, please consider the best picture modes for LG TVs.

Why turn off HDR on LG TV?

The HDR feature doesn’t produce a great viewing experience for all shows. From my experience, the HDR feature makes dark scenes even darker.

Here are some other reasons one might want to turn off HDR Mode on LG TV

Content type:

Not all content is produced with HDR capabilities.

Using HDR on this kind of content will only make it look unnatural and unappealing to the eye.

Room Lighting:

HDR is meant to be used in rooms with dim lighting.

If the room is well-lit, HDR might cause a glare or reflection on the screen.

This can confuse people, especially when the brightness on the LG TV keeps changing.

Technical Issues:

The HDR feature is known to cause some technical issues on LG TVs, like incompatibility issues with specific external devices.

Power Consumption:

The HDR feature consumes more power due to the extra energy required to enhance the quality of the picture displayed on your screen.

Eye Health:

The increased brightness and intense color could cause fatigue or heaviness in the eye when you view your screen for an extended period.

Steps to turn off HDR on LG TV 

Method 1: Turn off HDR on newer LG TV models

  1. Press the Settings button on the top-right of your LG TV remote
  2. Go to Picture > Picture Mode Settings > Picture Mode
  3. Under the Picture Mode, select Standard.
  4. This will remove the applied HDR Effect and revert your TV to the normal picture mode setting. 

Method 2: Turn off HDR on older LG TV models

  1. Go to Settings > All settings > Picture Mode
  2. Highlight HDR Select Mode and press Enter
  3. Select Standard to remove the HDR picture setting and return the TV to normal.

Method 3: Contact Support

If you are still having any challenges with the HDR settings or can’t turn it off, contact LG TV support for further assistance.

You can also look to restore your default LG TV picture settings.

Should I turn the HDR off, or should I leave it on?

The decision on whether you turn on or off the HDR mode on your LG TV solely depends on your preference. 

The HDR mode can enhance the quality of the content you’re watching and improve your viewing experience. 

However, it has its disadvantages, as I have highlighted above.

If you are viewing content in a well-lit room, you should turn it off.

Generally, observe the quality of the content you are watching, and based on your viewing experience, you can decide whether to turn it on or off. 

Final Thoughts

You have now learned how to turn off HDR on LG TV.

As long as the feature is available on your LG TV, you can follow these steps to turn it off. 

Don’t forget to share this guide with someone else who needs it.