How to get your LG TV Default Picture Settings (Easy Fix!)

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If you have taken your picture tweaking a little too far or if the kids have inadvertently messed with the setting, you may want to restore the picture settings to default.

Luckily, LG has made it so that you can easily restore your LG TV to its default picture settings.

This is a quick fix and it should only take you less than 30 seconds.

How to restore LG TV Default Picture Settings

Restoring the original LG TV default picture settings is straightforward, there is a menu setting in both newer and older LG TVs that allows you to do this.

Newer LG TV Models

  • Settings
  • All Settings
  • Picture
  • Advanced Settings
  • Reset

Older LG TV Models

  • Settings
  • All Settings
  • General
  • Reset to Initial Settings

The video linked below will walk you through the steps of restoring the LG default picture settings on both the newer and older LG TVs.

What is the default picture mode for LG TV?

LG TVs come with a “Standard” picture mode setting. This is a jack-of-all-trades setting that will offer the most basic of picture performance across different uses.

I would personally avoid the “Standard” picture mode as it does not excel when either watching TV or gaming, both of which, are the most common use cases for a TV.

Should I use the Default Picture settings on my LG TV?

You should always tweak the picture settings for your personal preference.

The default picture settings do not take into consideration the different environments in which people view content.

The best picture settings will vary from person to person.

Although some people like to keep it simple when it comes to the picture settings on LG TV, others like to explore more features such the LG super-resolution and advanced picture settings.

Newer LG TV models have ambient lighting detection and will automatically change the brightness of your TV based on the lighting in your room.

If your TV is in a dark room, it should have different settings compared to someone using the same LG TV in a bright room.

LG has made a nice article that gives you their recommend best picture settings based on the room lighting.


Getting your LG TV back to its default picture settings is easy and should take you less than 30 seconds to achieve.

We don’t recommend that you use the default pictures however and that you change the settings to suit your own personal preference and the environment in which you are consuming content.

We hope this article helped!

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