Ford Android Auto Not Working (Fix It!)

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Is your Ford Android Auto not working?

As a Ford driver, Android Auto is probably one of the most essential tools on your vehicle, especially if you like to interact with your phone while driving safely. 

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So we understand how frustrating it can be when this tool fails to function correctly.

In this article, we will look at different ways you can fix the problem.

Why is Ford Android Auto not Working?

Ford Android Auto problems usually occur due to issues with your Ford SYNC infotainment system, mobile device, and Android Auto app.

Some of these problems include

  • Incomparable vehicle model
  • USB connection problem
  • Outdated software
  • Bluetooth connection glitches
  • Bugs and conflicting apps. 

How to Fix Ford Android Auto Not Working?

Method 1: Check if your Ford Vehicle is Compatible with Android Auto

Android Auto is only compatible with 2017 Ford models, and there is no way Android Auto will work if your Ford model doesn’t support it. 

First, find out if your Ford model is compatible with Android Auto. If it is, you can apply the rest of the solution in this guide until your vehicle is fixed. 

However, if your Ford model is incompatible, you can try alternatives like Waze, AutoMate, Drivemode, and Car Dashdriod. 

Method 2: Reboot your Android Phone or Tablet

Rebooting your device is one of the primary solutions for fixing Android Auto on your Ford vehicle.

Using your device for a long time can take a toll on the memory and affect various apps and components.

Rebooting your Android device will help refresh the entire system and any minor problems with your apps or other device component.

Method 3: Update Ford SYNC

Ford SYNC is the infotainment software that runs on Ford vehicles.

Apart from giving you access to the latest features and services, updating Ford SYNC also helps you fix bugs, glitches, and compatibility issues that may hinder the functionality of Android Auto.

So when you’re faced with an issue like this, it is essential to check if there are any available updates and install them.

You can find the exact update steps for your Ford Model on the Ford support webpage

Method 4: Android Auto App

Using the latest version of your Android Auto App is essential if you don’t want to run into issues when trying to connect it to Ford SYNC.

Search for Android Auto on PlayStore and click Update to download the available update. 

Method 5: Soft Reset the Ford SYNC Software

A soft reset is usually the best solution for issues like this.

On many occasions, it has worked in fixing Ford Android Auto.

Performing a soft reset on your Ford SYNC will refresh and reset the entire system, fixing bugs, glitches, and minor issues that may cause Android Auto not to work on your Ford vehicle. 

This is how to perform a soft reset on Ford:

  1. Press and hold the Volume and Forward buttons until the system goes off
  2. Keep holding until the system comes on again. (This should take about 20-30 seconds)
  3. Release the buttons and wait for the system to reset and reboot
  4. Connect Android Auto and see if it works

Method 6: Reset Ford SYNC back to its Factory Settings

Although this method can be a little inconveniencing because it will wipe out all the data and info on the software, it may become necessary if a soft reset fails to work.

Restoring the default setting will remove problematic settings and configurations, allowing the navigation tool to work perfectly on your vehicle.

  1. Tap Setting > General > Master Reset
  2. Select Continue on the pop-up prompt
  3. Wait for the system to reset and restart, then try again.

Method 7: Use a Different USB Port and Cable

2 issues can stem from your USB port and USB cable.

The first is if they only support charging and not data transmission.

The cable and port you use must support data transmission to establish a connection between Android Auto and your car via USB.

Unfortunately, not all USB cables and ports do this.

The second problem is if you use a USB cable or port that is faulty, damaged, or incompatible with your device, Android Auto won’t connect with your Ford vehicle.

To fix this, try different USB cables and ports and make sure the cable is well-fitted to the port.

Use a wireless connection if you can’t get the wired connection to work.

Method 8: Update your Android Device

Updating your Android device is another method of fixing the Android Auto problem on Ford.

The glitch causing the navigation tool not to work could be from your device and not the infotainment system. 

Updating your device will deal with bugs and glitches and enhance your device’s performance, allowing it to pair with Ford SYNC.

Find the System or System Settings option to update your device under your settings.

You will find where you can update the system. Click on it and follow the instructions on your screen to download and install the update.

Once you’re done, restart your device and try using Android Auto again

Method 9. Unpair Device and Reconnect

If using a wireless connection, unpair your vehicle from your phone and reconnect.

This will reset your Bluetooth connection and allow you to establish a fresh connection with your vehicle.

  1. Go to Settings > More Connection > Bluetooth
  2. Unpair your vehicle and connect again.

Method 10: Turn off VPN or Proxy

A VPN connection will change your IP address and redirect your traffic. This can cause an IP conflict with your Android Auto and prevent it from working. 

Additionally, the app may not be compatible with the VPN protocol, affecting its performance. 

We understand that you may need a VPN for online privacy and security, but to get Android Auto to work, you may have to disable it temporarily.

Method 11: Contact Support

If none of the tips above works for you, contact Android Support for further assistance. 

Final Thought – Ford Android Auto not working

If you followed the guide, the issue should be fixed, and your Ford Android Auto should return to normal.

Feel free to share this content with any Ford driver experiencing the same issue.