Subaru Apple CarPlay Not Working (This Works!)

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Is Apple CarPlay not working on your Subaru vehicle?

This is a terrible situation to find yourself in, especially when you need CarPlay for your trip.

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We tested several solutions to fix the issue and will go through all the solutions that work.

WhyApple CarPlay Not Working on Subaru?

The common reasons Apple CarPlay won’t work on Subaru include an outdated infotainment system, compatibility issues, and problems with the USB cable or port.

Irrespective of what the cause of the problem is, we are going to provide you with the best solution to fix it once and for all.

Some users run into issues where their phone charges, but CarPlay won’t work.

How to Fix Apple CarPlay Not Working on Subaru?

Method 1: Check if your Toyota Model Supports CarPlay

Before using CarPlay on your vehicle, check if your specific Subaru model supports CarPlay.

CarPlay can only work on 10 Subaru models, so if your vehicle is not one of them, you’ll have to try a different phone mirroring tool like Android Auto.

Method 2: Update Entune Software

If your Subaru’s infotainment software is outdated, the system can start experiencing glitches and may not work with CarPlay.

New updates usually include the latest bug fixes, performance improvements, and compatibility updates that help with CarPlay issues.

Method 3: Soft Reset Subaru Infotainment

A soft reset on your Subaru vehicle will help refresh the system and resolve any problem that prevents CarPlay from functioning correctly.

To perform a soft reset, this is how you do it:

  1. Hold down the volume knob until a prompt appears on the screen asking you if you would like to turn the display off.
  2. Keep holding until the screen goes completely blank.
  3. The system will reset and reboot
  4. When it comes, connect CarPlay and see if the issue has been fixed.

Method 4: Reset the Infotainment’s Factory Settings

Resetting your Subaru infotainment to factory settings can be a helpful solution if you’re experiencing issues with CarPlay.

This process will restore the system to its original settings and configurations, effectively overwriting any incorrect settings that may be causing the CarPlay problem.

  1. Touch Settings > General
  2. Scroll down until you find Factory Data Reset, click on it
  3. A prompt will appear asking you if you’re sure you want to factory reset, touch Reset

Method 5:Try a Different USB Port

Some cars have multiple USB ports and not all support charging and data transmission.

If you happen to be connected to a port that solely supports charging, you won’t be able to establish a connection with CarPlay. 

Method 6: Use a Different USB Cable

The USB cable you use for your connection is a significant factor to consider when experiencing issues with Subaru CarPlay.

First, try using a different USB cable, as the problem might lie with the current one. If that doesn’t work, you can connect your device to CarPlay using Bluetooth instead of the USB cable. 

Additionally, ensure that your USB cable is a genuine iPhone cable, as counterfeit or incompatible cables may cause connectivity problems.

Method 7. Update your iPhone

Apart from your vehicle’s infotainment system, the problem’s root cause might lie within your iPhone’s software.

If your iOS is outdated, your phone may experience glitches that can lead to issues like Subaru CarPlay not functioning correctly.

Regularly updating your iPhone software can help better the performance of your phone and enhance its compatibility with CarPlay.

Follow the instructions below to update your iOS.

  1. Go to your Settings > General > Software Update, then follow the next instructions to download the updates.
  2. Once the installation process is complete, restart your phone and try connecting CarPlay to your Subaru Vehicle again.

Method 8: Disable Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables all wireless connections on your phone, including Bluetooth.

Activating Airplane mode will prevent your phone from establishing a Bluetooth connection with Subaru vehicles.

To successfully connect CarPlay via Bluetooth, ensure that Airplane mode is turned off on your phone.

Method 9. Forget Connection and Reconnect

Your Bluetooth feature can glitch, making it unable to establish a connection between your phone and vehicle.

To address this issue, you must forget the previous Bluetooth connection on both your phone and the vehicle and then establish the connection again.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > CarPlay
  2. Select your car’s name and click on Forget this car

Method 10: Turn off VPN or Proxy

While VPN apps and proxy servers can be beneficial for improving your online security and privacy, they can sometimes interfere with certain functionalities on your phone.

If you have an active VPN or proxy connection enabled, it may prevent you from successfully connecting to Subaru.

So make sure you don’t have an active VPN or Proxy connection. 

Method 11: Contact Support

If none of these solutions works for you, you’re likely experiencing a more technical issue requiring your phone or manufacturer’s assistance.

You can reach out to Apple support and Subaru support for further assistance.

Important iPhone Settings to Help Subaru CarPlay Work Better

Step 1. Turn on Siri

CarPlay won’t work as it should on your Subaru if the Siri voice command isn’t turned on.

  1. Go to Settings and scroll to  Siri and Search
  2. Tap on Listen for “Hey Siri” and Press Side Button for Siri
  3. Then Allow Siri When the Screen is Locked
  4. Enter your passcode, and Siri is set.

Step 2. Reset your iOS Factory Settings

It’s unlikely that none of the solutions outlined above has worked in fixing the Subaru issue.

Still, if nothing has worked for you, you may want to consider restoring your phone’s factory settings.

Before proceeding with this method, make sure you backup your files. Restoring factory reset your phone and clear your files.

  1. Go to Settings > General 
  2. Select> Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings
  3. Wait for your iPhone to reset and restart. 

After resetting your iPhone, don’t forget to turn on Siri and remove restrictions on CarPlayOnce your phone restart, turn on Siri and try connecting CarPlay with your Subaru.

Final Thoughts – Subaru CarPlay not working

We hope this guide has solved your problem with Subaru Apple CarPlay.

If you know any Subaru driver experiencing the same problem, don’t forget to share this guide with him or her.