LG TV Half Screen Darker (Try This!)

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Is your LG TV half screen darker? Sometimes, it could be a minor issue that can be fixed after a power cycle, firmware update, or adjustment of HDMI cables and other connecting cables.

Other times, it could be a hardware issue and will require professional fixes, which will take a while.

A photo of LG TV Half Screen Darker

Don’t concede yet if you’ve not tried some of the fixes provided in this guide.

Why is LG TV Half Screen Darker

Half of your LG TV screen is darker because of problems like; loose HDMI and other wire connections, a faulty T-Con board, outdated firmware, or loose or damaged ribbon cables.

Unfortunately, LG TV screen problems come in all shapes and sizes.

I have provided the fixes to all these problems in this guide.

How to Fix LG TV Half Screen Darker

Method 1: Power Cycle your TV

A power cycle can clear the issue on your LG TV.

It will clear up temporary errors and glitches that could have led to the problem.

Here is how to power cycle your LG TV;

  1. Turn off your TV and unplug it from the power outlet
  2. Press and hold the Power button for up to 30 seconds so that the power can drain completely
  3. After 30 seconds your TV back into the power outlet and turn it on. Sometimes I wait for more than 30 minutes to ensure power completely drains out from the capacitors.

Method 2: Inspect the HDMI Cables

The HDMI cable is responsible for transmitting video to your LG TV from the input source connected to your TV.

As such, if the HDMI cable is damaged or not correctly secured, you may experience this issue. 

Try unplugging the HDMI cable, plug it back in again, and blow off dust and debris from the cable and ports.

Check for physical damages on the HDMI cable as well. 

Sometimes, I go as far as carrying out a diagnosis on my HDMI cable to be sure the problem is not from the HDMI.

Here is how to carry out a diagnosis on your HDMI;

  1. Press the #9 button for a few seconds
  2. Select Optimization Settings
  3. Open Check Items and highlight the Check the Status of your TV option
  4. From the list of items, choose RF/HDMI
  5. Click on Start Diagnosis
  6. This test will display any issue with the HDMI connection on your screen for necessary action.

Method 3: Troubleshoot Power Source

Your LG TV needs an adequate power supply to function efficiently.

So, if there is a fault with the power outlet, there is a low voltage, or power is fluctuating, you may experience an LG TV half screen darker issues. 

Use a power supply tester to test the voltage of the socket and if the power supply to the socket is not enough, try another outlet. 

I once noticed that part of my screen went off before the other when I unplugged my LG TV from a particular wall socket. 

As I probed further, I discovered it was due to voltage fluctuations.

In this case, unplug the power cable and plug it back securely into the power outlet.

Sometimes, you might need an electrician to fix the voltage fluctuation issues.

Method 4: Update LG Firmware

Outdated firmware is another reason why half the screen on your LG TV is darker.

This might sound strange, but trust me a minor issue like not updating your TV’s firmware can cause this problem. 

So, if you have not updated your TV in a while, hurry now.

There might be a new update pending. Here’s how to;

  1. Tap the Settings button of your remote, and from the on-screen instructions, select All Settings.
  2. Select Support>Software Updates
  3. Turn on Auto Updates to install pending updates. This will also carry out future updates automatically.

Method 5: Inspect the Ribbon Cables

The ribbon cables are a delicate component of your LG TV.

Your TV’s mainboard is connected to two ribbon cables, and if those cables are loose or damaged, there is a problem! 

Open the back of your TV to access your ribbon cables.

Look out for loose cables and carefully attach them tightly. 

If you don’t have the technical know-how on how to do this, contact a professional to handle it to avoid more damage to the component.

Method 6: Check the T-Con Board

Once you’ve opened the back of your LG TV, the T-Con board should be one of the components to inspect if you are experiencing LG TV half-screen darker issues. 

N/B: You should proceed to open the back of your TV if you have prior knowledge of fixing electrical components or some technical know-how in this regard. To check and fix the T-Con board follow the steps below;

  1. Get a latex glove, magnifying glass and screwdriver
  2. Take off the back cover of your LG TV after laying it on a good work table
  3. Find the T-Con board and the LVDS cables. It usually has multiple small wires connected to it.
  4. Detach the LVDS cable and use a magnifying glass to get a close glimpse of the pins
  5. If there are no damages on the pins, dust off debris from the board and return the LVDS cables to the T-con board

Method 7: Inspect and Fix the Backlight

If you are experiencing a half-screen darker issue on your LG TV, the backlight should be one of the components to inspect and fix if damaged.

Here is how to;

  1. Purchase a replacement backlight in case of a damaged backlight.
  2. Use a 5-in-1 work tool to take off the tabs of the filter frame
  3. Take off the frame and the light filters.
  4. You will see a white sheet on the surface. Remove the clips that are holding the sheet.
  5. Remove the cables at the side of the backlight strip using the 5-in-1 tool.
  6. Place tape on the position of the strips
  7. Fix the replacement backlight. (Expertise Required!)
  8. Now, retrace your steps and reconnect the cables.

Method 8: Factory Reset your LG TV

I usually feel reluctant to do this, but sometimes this will be the working solution.

To carry out a factory reset on your LG TV, follow the procedures below;

  1. Tap the Home button of your remote and choose All Settings from the options
  2. Open General>System
  3. Select the Reset to Initial Settings option
  4. Follow the instructions on the next interface, then select Confirm.
  5. You’ll be required to input the reset code, which is 1234 on LG TVs but can be 0000 on some models and other smart TVs
  6. Select Restart

If your remote is not handy or is faulty, you can still reset your LG TV with the buttons in the TV with the steps below;

  1. Press and hold the power button on the TV for up to 10 seconds
  2. Use the Vol + or – keys to navigate the Menu
  3. Select All Settings>General>Reset
  4. Select Confirm after going through the on-screen instructions 
  5. Enter the reset pin 1234 or 0000, then click Restart from the pop up
  6. This process will return all settings on your LG TV to default and will probably resolve the screen issue on your LG TV.

Method 9: Contact LG Support

Do you still have a half screen darker problem on your LG TV?

It’s unfortunate that the fixes above could not salvage the situation, but don’t give up. There’s still something to do.

You can contact LG TV support for free diagnosis or fixes if your TV is still under warranty.

You can get a technician to fix it because it’s probably a hardware issue.

Final Thoughts

LG TV half screen darker problem is a common issue in LG smart TVs, so you are not alone in this. 

The darker screen issue can make watching TV uninteresting, so users are actively searching for ways to fix this. 

Thankfully, this guide comes in handy to help resolve this issue.