How to Turn on Auto Update on Xbox (Easy Method!)

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Knowing how to turn on auto-update on Xbox can save you the stress of manually updating the game anytime there’s a new update release. 

The little problem, however, is that many people do not know where to turn on auto-update.

But it’s a good thing you found the guide. We are going to show you just how you can turn on auto-update

How Does Xbox Auto Update Work?

The Xbox auto-update feature is designed to simplify keeping your Xbox console up to date with the latest system updates, game patches, and app updates. 

When auto-update is enabled, the console will automatically download and install updates in the background, even when your game is in sleep mode. 

How to Automatically Update Your Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S

1. Go to Settings > General > Power Options

2. Select Sleep Mode to turn it active

3. Go to Customize Power Options

4. Select Turn off After and set it to Don’t Turn off Automatically

5. Scroll down and check Keep my console up to date and keep my games up to date

6. On your right, you’ll find an option that says When console is off, turn of storage”. Uncheck it.

How to Automatically Update Your Xbox One S & Xbox One X

This method will also work for Xbox One S and Xbox One X

1. Go to Settings > Systems

2. Under Systems, scroll over to Updates and click on it

3. Make sure that Keep my console up to date and keep my games up to date are checked

Why is my Xbox not auto-updating?

1. Instant-on mode option is turned off.

The most common reason why your Xbox isn’t auto-updating even when you have auto-update turned on is that you haven’t turned on Instant-on mode.

The auto-update feature relies on the “Instant-On” mode, which keeps your console in a low-power state and allows updates to be downloaded and installed in the background. 

2. “When console is turned off, turn off storage” option is checked

The “When console is turned off, turn off storage” option on your Xbox, can prevent the game from downloading updates automatically.

This setting disables the power to the USB ports and storage devices when the console is turned off, which can interfere with the auto-update feature.

3. Internet connection issues

If your internet connection is unstable or experiencing issues, it can prevent the console from downloading and installing updates automatically.

If you are unsure about your internet connection, test your network to see if everything works fine.

Here’s how to test your internet connection

  1. Go to Settings
  2. On Settings, go over to General > Network Settings
  3. Scroll down to Test Network Connection

4. There isn’t enough Storage

You need enough storage on your Xbox to download and install updates automatically.

When there is insufficient space, the auto-update feature cannot proceed with the update, so check the amount of storage you have left. 

  1. Go over to Settings, then click on Systems
  2. Select Storage Devices, and you will see the amount of storage you have left.

You want to make sure you have less than 90% of storage. If it’s more than 90%, you can delete some new games or apps to free up space.

Final Thoughts: Can you Play While Updating your Xbox?

Generally, you can play games on your Xbox while downloading and installing updates. 

However, it is not advisable to do so, as downloading updates while playing a game can consume network bandwidth, which may impact your online gaming experience.

If you have a slower internet connection or limited bandwidth, downloading updates in the background while playing a game could cause increased latency or lag in online gameplay.


We hope you have learned how to turn on auto-update on Xbox.

The steps are pretty simple and easy to follow.

Once you turn on auto-update, you don’t need to update your Xbox manually.

The game will automatically download available updates even in sleep mode.