How To Fix Hisense TV Flickering (Try This!)

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Do you want to learn how to fix Hisense TV flickering?

Regarding one of the most affordable but top-quality Smart TV brands, Hisense occupies a comfortable position at the top. 

Photo of a Hisense TV flickering

However, certain things might cause your Hisense TV to start flickering. It might be an upsetting experience, especially when you want to catch up with your favorite TV show. 

This should not be a bother as we’ve provided several quick and active steps to help stop flickering on your Hisense TV.

What causes Hisense TV Screen Flickering

1. Loose or bad cables: a bad or loose HDMI cable might cause your Hisense Smart TV to flicker, which can be salvaged by tightening the cables.

2. Changes in settings: Changing the picture setting or energy-saving feature might cause Hisense TV to flicker in some instances.

3. Software issues: If your Hisense TV’s software is outdated, you might encounter flickering issues.

4. Power fluctuations:  a faulty power outlet or power surge will cause your Hisense TV to flicker

5. Weak signal: If the router is too far from the TV or is blocked by a wall, signals become weak and will cause Hisense TV to flicker.

How to fix Hisense TV flickering

Method 1: Power Cycling

If your Hisense TV is flickering, a simple power cycle might remedy the situation. How can one get this done?

  1. Use the remote to turn off your Hisense Smart TV
  2. Disconnect the power cable from the power outlet
  3. Leave it that way for 5-20 minutes before reconnecting and turning on your Hisense TV.

Method 2: Reset the Picture Setting

Sometimes flickering can start if changes have been made to the default picture setting. This will require you to reset the picture setting;

  1. Turn on Hinsense TV with the power button on the remote
  2. Tap settings on the remote
  3. Choose a picture from the options displayed on the screen
  4. Press Ok to enter.
  5. Scroll to Restore Default Picture and press Ok on your remote

Method 3: Check HDMI cables

Surprisingly,  the HDMI cable can be another reason your Hisense TV is flickering.

Bad HDMI cables have been known to cause Hisense TV blue tint screen issues.

If the cables are loose and you suspect there’s debris in the HDMI port, too, do this;

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the back of your TV
  2. Blow off dust or dirt from the contacts of the cable and connector
  3. Properly put the cable back into their slots and ensure they are correctly fitted.
  4. Switch on your TV

Method 4: Turn off the Hisense energy-saving feature

  1. Access the Hisense TV settings option using the remote
  2. Select Picture>Picture Mode>Energy saving
  3. Select the preferred option after choosing Picture mode

Method 5: Update Hisense TV software

Your Hisense TV software must be updated frequently for optimal performance. Outdated software might cause problems. So to fix this;

  1. Click Settings on your remote
  2. Select Device Preference once you see it
  3. Go to About and click System Updates
  4. Your Hisense TV will automatically search for the newest updates
  5. If you find an Update, click the Update option and wait for it to download
  6. Once this has been completed, restart your Hisense TV.

Method 6: Factory Reset

After attempting the fixes listed above but flickering persists, you might need to conduct a factory reset to return your TV to get it back to its original state.

There is a guide on factory resetting your Hisense TV.

To carry out a factory reset;

  1. Tap the Menu option on your Hisense TV remote
  2. Choose Support and click Enter on your remote to confirm
  3. Select Self Diagnostics from the option and click enter to confirm
  4. Scroll down the options and choose Reset
  5. Enter 0000 as the security pin, then click Enter to confirm
  6. Once this activity is completed, your Hisense TV will turn off and back on automatically

Method 7: Contact Hisense Support

If, after trying the fixes above and none works, the next thing to do might be to contact Hisense Support through email, phone, or chat.

The support team can handle any technical issue with your Hisense TV.


Screen flickering on Hisense TV can be caused by some things that we tried to highlight earlier.

You can quickly stop Hisense TV screen flickering with the fixes we’ve provided.