Apple TV Not Playing Sound (Easy Fix!)

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Is your Apple TV not playing sound? I encountered this problem, and it caused me a headache trying to solve it!

After doing some research, I decided to guide you on how to fix this issue!

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I found this issue frustrating, especially when I had to stop in the middle of an exciting TV show to search for solutions.

Why is your Apple TV Not Playing Sound?

The main reasons why Apple TV not playing sound issues occur is due to incorrect software settings, a poor or loose cable connection, or outdated software.

Now let’s look at how we can resolve this issue in the next session

How do I fix Apple TV not playing sound?

First, make sure that the volume of your TV and Apple TV is set correctly.

Sometimes, users mistake low volume on their TV or Apple TV device for a sound issue on Apple TV.  

After turning on your TV and Apple TV volume to maximum and you still get no sound, and you have ensured that MUTE is not activated, try the following solutions.

Method 1. Check your cables for proper connection

In my case, my Apple TV not playing sound issues was caused by a loose cable connection from my Smart TV to the Apple TV streaming device.

Please ensure all your device cables are firmly connected to the power source and the correct ports.

Confirm that your HDMI and audio cables are connected to the correct ports.

Method 2. Change Audio Format from Auto to Dolby Digital 5.1

One of the problems that can cause Apple TV not to play sound is faulty audio settings such as the audio format. 

Many users have said that changing the audio format from Auto to Dolby Digital 5.1 has helped them fix the no-sound issue on Apple TV.

  1. Turn on your smart Tv with your Apple Tv connected to it
  2. Using your remote, press the menu button to go to Settings.
  3. Navigate to the Audio and Video option
  4. Select Audio Format
  5. Click on Change format, then choose Dolby Digital 5.1

Method 3: Make sure Audio Mode is on “Auto”

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Navigate to the Audio and Video option
  3. Scroll down to Audio Mode
  4. Switch it to Auto if it’s on 16-bit

Method 4: Check Hearing Settings

If your “Hearings” settings are calibrated to the far left, your Apple TV will play no or very low sound. 

And if it’s calibrated to the right, the sounds will be too loud.

You have to ensure it’s balanced to get the best sound.

I also recommend that the Mono Audio is turned off as well.

  1. Go to settings > Accessibility. 
  2. Scroll down the Hearing category.
  3. Turn Mono Audio off (if it’s on)
  4. Scroll one more step down and select Balance
  5. Balance hearing it to the Center

Method 5: Use a Bluetooth Speaker

Typically, Apple TV will use your TV speaker as the sound output, but you can also connect Apple TV to a Bluetooth speaker to see if it works.

  1. Go to Settings > Remote and Device
  2. Scroll down to Bluetooth and add a wireless Bluetooth speaker

Conversely, you should check that your Apple TV is not mistakenly connected to a Bluetooth device that is muted, as this would solve your Apple TV no sound issue!

Method 6: Restart your Apple TV Device

If the issue hasn’t been fixed, it could be a software glitch, and you should restart your Apple TV streaming device.

Press the menu and home buttons simultaneously to restart your device, then check if the problem persists.

Method 7: Update your smart Tv and your Apple Tv Software 

Outdated software can cause most of your devices to glitch. Therefore updating your devices can help fix bugs and other problems that might meddle with your Apple TV audio.

Also, updating your Smart Tv software can help fix glitches and bugs quickly and improve the device’s functionality.

To update your Apple Tv, follow the steps below:

  1. Put on your Apple Tv
  2. Using your remote, select the menu button
  3. Click on settings 
  4. Navigate to software updates and select Update Software
  5. Choose the download option 
  6. Click on Install to start updating your Apple Tv

Method 8: Contact Support

If none of the above solutions work, contact Apple TV support for further assistance.

You might be experiencing an issue with your Smart TV or Apple TV hardware.

Final Thoughts – Apple TV not playing sound

Apple TV not playing sound is a widespread issue among Apple TV users.

In my case, the answer was so simple that I could have kicked myself!

When there is no sound, this is very rarely a hardware problem.

Think carefully about your audio and cable setup for Apple TV while reviewing your settings.

I hope that you were able to resolve this issue!