YouTube TV not loading (Try these fixes!)

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Occasionally you might find that YouTube TV is not loading and that can be a frustration.

I have made a guide that can assist you in finding the cause and solutions with some simple tips that will help you get your YouTube TV app up and running again.

Why is Youtube TV not loading?

The cause of YouTube TV not loading is often a result of software issues or a faulty internet connection.

Here are some tips on how to fix the YouTube TV loading issue:

  1. Restart the YouTube TV app
  2. Reset your Router
  3. Sign out of Youtube TV
  4. Reset your Streaming Device or Web Browser
  5. Update YouTube TV and your source device
  6. Disconnect other devices in your home from the internet
  7. Close any other apps that are running
  8. Check the Network Status of YouTube TV
  9. Disable VPNs or Ad blockers
  10. Contact the YouTube TV app Support

How to stop the YouTube TV not loading issue

Method 1: Restart the YouTube TV app

The first task is to restart the YouTube TV app if it is not loading.

When you restart the YouTube TV app, it allows any updates to be correctly installed and establishes a new connection with the YouTube TV servers.

The restart is also helpful in clearing any software conflicts that may prevent the app from loading correctly.

Method 2: Reset your Router

This tip is extremely helpful in resolving YouTube TV not loading issues.

I have always found that simply resetting my router will solve a lot of internet connectivity issues without having to dive deeper into troubleshooting.

How do I reset my router?

You can reset your router by unplugging it from the wall socket for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Unplug your router, stop YouTube TV not loading correctly.
Restarting your router is great because it can remove any network conflicts that are preventing you from accessing YouTube TV.

Method 3: Sign out of the YouTube TV app

Another potential fix to the YouTube TV not loading issue is to sign out of your account.

By signing out of your YouTube TV account, you may resolve any account-related issues with are cause the YouTube TV app not to load.

Try signing back in to see if the issues are resolved. This can also be effective if you are using the YouTube TV app on several devices.

Method 4: Restart your Streaming Device or Web Browser

To access the YouTube TV app, you will be using a streaming or web browser device to access the app.

The most common streaming devices for the YouTube TV app are:

  • Smart TVs
  • Content Devices such as YouTube TV, Firestick, or Roku
  • Games Consoles such as PlayStation and XBOX
  • A PC or MacBook Laptop

When attempting to fix the issue of YouTube TV not loading, perform a full restart of your streaming platform or web browser.

To perform a power cycle a streaming device, unplug it for 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

This restart allows any background updates to be installed and started correctly, as well as emptying the system cache.

Clearing the system cache and any leftover apps operating in RAM can help reduce the likelihood of you experiencing YouTube TV not loading issues.

Method 5: Update your YouTube TV app

If you are playing YouTube TV using a streaming device such as a Firestick, Roku or smart TV, I would recommend that you update the YouTube TV to see if this resolves the issues.

Method 6: Close any apps that are running

Close any running apps on your streaming device to reduce any possibility of software conflicts that are preventing YouTube TV from loading.

How does having open apps cause the YouTube TV app not to load?

The more apps that you have open, the more strain there is on your streaming platform and your internet connection.

Closing apps helps relieve some of this strain and can help in troubleshooting.

Method 7: Update your device software/firmware before downloading

Whether you are using a TV, Content Device, or Games console, updating your firmware or software to the latest version can help in preventing issues from arising over time.

Sometimes updates can be missed, or an installation can be interrupted and cause issues with your playback device.

Old firmware or a partial firmware installation could cause YouTube TV to not load.

Ensuring that you have the latest software on your devices also gives you access to new apps and an improved viewing experience.

Method 8: Check the YouTube TV network status

If YouTube TV is not loading, the probable cause of the issue will usually be with your network or streaming device.

Please look and make sure that there are no issues or outages with the YouTube TV platform that are preventing the app from loading

This is also a useful tool to try when YouTube TV is lagging.

Youtube tv is not loading check the network status
The DownDetector website monitors the YouTube TV network for any network outages

Method 9: Disable any Ad blockers or VPNs

VPNs and ad blockers can cause connection issues with the YouTube network and cause YouTube TV to not load.

Unfortunately, by using a VPN, you are creating another dependency that can cause YouTube TV to not load correctly.

Try deactivating any VPN and ad blockers that you have activate to see if your can now get YouTube TV to load.

Method 10: Contact YouTube TV Support

If the methods above haven’t helped in resolving the issues, then you can contact YouTube TV app support for further assistance.


It can be concerning when YouTube TV is not loading but luckily, the tips outlined in this article should resolve the vast majority of issues.

We hope that your YouTube is back up and running smoothly.