YouTube TV Buffering Issues (How To Fix It!)

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When you encounter YouTube TV buffering issues, it can frustrate you, especially if it interrupts a show you are watching.

We have put together a guide that can assist you by providing some simple tips that help fix your YouTube TV buffering issues.

Why does YouTube TV buffer?

The leading cause of YouTube TV buffering is a slow internet connection or software issue.

Are you running the most up-to-date YouTube TV version, and is your account properly logged in and connected?

How to stop YouTube TV from buffering

Method 1: Reset your Router

I love how many internet issues a simple router restart can fix!

How do I reset my router?

To reset your router, unplug it from the wall socket for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Unplug your router, stop YouTube TV buffering issues
Restarting your Router will improve your bandwidth capacity and allow you to stream faster.

Why does resetting your router reduce YouTube TV buffering?

Buffering occurs when there isn’t enough data available to continue streaming or gaming.

Resetting clears out temporary files & settings on routers that might be causing slowdowns.

This not only improves performance but also frees up memory for more efficient usage.

Method 2: Restart the YouTube TV app

You should restart the YouTube TV app if you are experiencing buffering.

Restarting the YouTube TV app will allow updates to install and establish a new connection with the servers.

Method 3: Sign out of the YouTube TV app

Another potential quick fix to YouTube TV buffering issues is to sign out of your account.

By signing out of your YouTube TV account before your return and logging in, you may resolve any account-related issues causing buffering problems.

Method 4: Restart your streaming device

To access the YouTube TV app, you will be using a streaming device to access the app.

The most common streaming devices for the YouTube TV app are:

  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming Stick such as Apple TV, Firestick, or Roku
  • Games Consoles such as PlayStation and XBOX
  • A PC or MacBook Laptop

To eliminate the buffering on YouTube TV is performing a power cycle of these devices.

You perform a power cycle the same way as you do for the router, unplug them for 60 seconds before plugging them back in.

The restart allows any updates downloaded in the background to install and start successfully and clears the system cache.

Clearing the system cache and any lingering apps running in RAM can help increase the speed of the YouTube TV app.

YouTube TV buffering issues
A blurry image often accompanies buffering on YouTube TV

Method 5: Update your YouTube TV app

If you are streaming YouTube TV using a device such as a Firestick, Roku, or smart TV, then I recommend updating the app if possible.

Method 6: Disconnect other devices in your home from the internet

If you cannot reset your router for any reason, I would try and disconnect none essential devices from the internet.

Is someone in your home watching Netflix? What about your phone? Is someone downloading games or apps on XBOX?

Every device you can disconnect from your internet will help stop the YouTube TV app from buffering.

Method 7: Close any apps that are running

Reducing the number of apps running in the background gives the YouTube TV app the best performance.

How does having open apps cause the YouTube TV app to be slow?

Imagine your internet connection to your  YouTube TV application like an artery in your body.

The more games and apps running are like blockages in your arteries. Sorry for the weird analogy!

Those blockages impede your ability to stream content faster, resulting in YouTube TV buffering.

Method 8: Decrease Video Quality

Check the YouTube TV video quality settings when watching content and try to reduce the quality.

The higher quality of content you stream, the more likely it is that slow playback will occur.

Try to decrease the video quality, especially if the quality is set to 4K.

How do I change the YouTube video quality settings?

Step 1: Access the settings option

When streaming content, look for the settings cog icon.

YouTube settings
YouTube Settings

Step 2: Select quality

After selecting the settings icon, you will see a new menu appear.

Select the Quality prompt.

Youtube quality settings
YouTube quality settings

Step 3: Choose the video output

Youtube reduce video quality when freezing occurs
Different video outputs on YouTube

Now try and reduce the quality to a lower setting.

Method 9: Update your streaming device software/firmware before downloading

Whether you are using a TV, Streaming Stick, or Games console, updating your firmware or software to the latest version can help prevent issues from arising over time.

Sometimes updates can be missed, or an installation can be interrupted and cause issues with your streaming device.

Old firmware or a partial installation could cause the YouTube TV app to buffer.

Ensuring you have the latest software on your devices also gives you access to new apps and an improved viewing experience.

Method 10: Use an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi

It is almost always true that you will get a better download speed when you use an Ethernet (Wired Connection) rather than Wi-Fi.

Wired connections transmit data quicker and with less interference.

Wi-Fi connections are slower and generally have a slower response time.

The distance from your streaming device along with the walls, floor, and ceilings can all deteriorate the quality of your internet connection, causing the YouTube TV app to be slow.

I always use a wired connection when available, and you should too!

Method 11: Disable any Ad blockers or VPNs

VPNs and Ad blockers can negatively affect the streaming performance of the YouTube TV app.

Your connection to a VPN will always limit the speed at which you can stream content.

Unfortunately, using a VPN creates another dependency that can cause YouTube TV to buffer.

Method 12: Upgrade your Internet Connection

Not everyone has access to high download speed through their ISP (Internet Service Provider), but for those that do, consider upgrading your internet connection.

It is pretty straightforward that a 100mbps connection will have a slower download rate over a 1gbps connection.

Method 13: Upgrade your Router

Updating your router could be the answer! Here are four compelling reasons why its time to upgrade:

1) Better Technology – Newer routers are often equipped with superior hardware and software that offer faster speeds and greater dependability for a smooth online experience.

2) Improved Coverage – With better antenna technology built into newer models comes an increased capacity for coverage around the house, providing a stronger Wi-Fi signal all around, which means less pesky buffering!

3) Compatibility Issues – Older models may struggle to operate optimally with more up-to-date devices, so don’t saddle yourself unnecessarily by sticking with outdated equipment.

Improve device performance and access the latest technology by upgrading your router.

Notably, updating to a new model can significantly improve internet connection speeds which could be constrained by aging routers causing buffering issues.

Selecting an appropriate router based on one’s budgetary constraints and requirements is integral in getting the best possible improvements along with ensuring proper installation.

Method 14: Check to make sure YouTube TV servers are operational

If the fixes above have not helped you, then check that there are no issues or outages with the YouTube TV platform.

Youtube tv is buffering check the network status
It is worthwhile checking the server status of YouTube TV when it’s buffering.

Method 15: Contact YouTube TV Support

If you have tried all the tips above and nothing has worked, contact YouTube TV app support for further assistance.

Final Thoughts

Buffering on YouTube TV sucks, it really does.

Luckily, most of the time, the issue can be resolved by performing some optimization of your internet connection.

I hope that this guide was able to solve the issue for you and get you back to enjoying content.