Why Is Netflix So Slow (Easy Fixes!)

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When the Netflix menus are lagging, or content is buffering, you may ask, why is Netflix so slow?

I have made a troubleshooting guide covering why Netflix is so slow and how you can resolve these issues.

Why is Netflix so slow?

When Netflix is slow, the reason for this is an unoptimized internet connection or a software issue.

Just like Netflix, your router can slow down after prolonged use. Your router can have many tasks and devices, leading to a poor internet connection and a slow Netflix.

Sometimes people will find that Netflix isn’t working on the TV but works on their phone for this reason.

An unoptimized internet connection can even lead to Netflix kicking you out of the application altogether.

Here are some tips on how to make stop Netflix from being so slow:

  1. Restart your router
  2. Restart the Netflix app
  3. Soft reset your Netflix streaming device
  4. Update Netflix and your source device
  5. Disconnect devices from the internet
  6. Decrease video playback quality
  7. Close any other apps that are running
  8. Use an Ethernet cable rather than a Wi-Fi
  9. Upgrade your internet connection
  10. Disable VPN when viewing Netflix
  11. Upgrade your Router
  12. Check the Netflix servers
  13. Contact the Netflix app support

How to stop Netflix from being so slow

Method 1: Restart your Router

As mentioned in the introduction, resetting your router can be a powerful fix when Netflix is slow.

How do I restart my router?

Resetting your router is easy, unplug it, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

Unplug your router, when Netflix being slow
After resetting your router you should get a performance improvement when streaming on Netflix.

Method 2: Restart the Netflix app

I recommend that you restart the app or internet browser (if using this to stream) when Netflix is slow.

The restart can resolve some software conflicts while allowing any updates to install fully.

When your restart, you will have a new internet connection with the Netflix servers.

Method 3: Restart your Netflix streaming device

When streaming Netflix, you will use a streaming device such as a TV, streaming stick, game console or computer.

Please restart this device, as it may help resolve the slow Netflix issue.

To perform a complete restart, unplug your streaming device for 60 seconds.

A screenshot of when Netflix being slow when viewing content.
Netflix keeps being slow when streaming content.

When your streaming device is restarted, any pending updates should have been fully installed, and you will have a fresh internet connection with the Netflix servers.

All of the above should give you a better streaming performance on Netflix.

Method 5: Update your Netflix app

You should update your Netflix app or internet browser depending on how you are viewing Netflix.

Generally, as apps are updated they have better features and increased performance.

Method 6: Disconnect devices from the internet

Think of all the devices in your household that may currently be using the internet.

These could include TVs, game consoles, phones, smart appliances and computers.

Each connected device will negatively impact and cause Netflix to be slower.

Method 7: Close any apps that are running

Similarly to having many devices connected, having excessive apps running on your streaming device will cause a slower Netflix streaming experience.

Please close any apps on your system that you are not actively using.

How does having open apps cause the Netflix app to freeze?

Each app that you have open will decrease the performance of the system that you are running Netflix on.

If the application requires an internet connection then it will slow streaming performance.

Method 8: Decrease Video Quality

Streaming at 4k requires more internet bandwidth than 1080 or 720p.

If you have the option on your Netflix app then please decrease the video quality if Netflix is being slow.

Method 9: Use an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi

One of the best things that you can do to stop Netflix from being so slow is use a wired internet connection rather than Wi-Fi.

A wired connection (ethernet) will almost always offer quicker internet speeds than Wi-Fi.

Along with a quicker connection, you also get a quicker response time and fewer variables that can negatively affect the signal strength.

Simple things such as the distance from your router, walls, ceilings and floors can cause a deterioration of your internet quality when using Wi-Fi

Method 10: Disable VPN when viewing Netflix

Netflix doesn’t recommend using any VPN service when accessing its content.

Netflix is proactively blocking any connections known to come from a VPN provider.

Even if you can view Netflix content with an active VPN, it will negatively affect your ability to stream content quickly.

The use of VPNs can cause Netflix to be slow.

Method 11: Upgrade your Internet Connection

If you consistently have a slow performance on Netflix and have tried the tips above, it is worth wondering whether your internet speed is sufficient.

It is worth investigating if it’s been a while since you updated your internet speed.

Method 12: Upgrade your Router

Likewise, with your internet connection, it is worthwhile looking at your router and whether this may be the cause of Netflix being slow.

This may be true if you have kept an older router through numerous internet speed upgrades or if your router is struggling to keep up with the number of devices used in your home.

Method 13: Check the Netflix servers are working

When you are asking yourself, “Why is Netflix so slow” you may want to check the network status of Neftlix to check that there are no issues or outages with the Netflix platform.

Check network status when Netflix keeps stopping
Netflix outage reports

Method 14: Contact Netflix Support

If, after following this guide, Netflix continues to be slow, we recommend contacting Netflix support for further assistance.


When Netflix is slow, the cause is commonly your home internet connection or a software issue.

The recommendations in this article should resolve the vast majority of Netflix being slow.

Happy streaming!