Who are the DAZN ring girls?

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The DAZN ring girls that make appearances will depend on the promotion or sport that DAZN is showing.

Ring Girls will be different depending on whether or not the event is boxing or MMA.

Different promotions usually put together boxing events and therefore the ring girls on DAZN may differ from event to event.

We will review the ring girls that have appeared on DAZN recently through their respective promotions.

Matchroom Boxing

Site: https://www.matchroomboxing.com/

Matchroom Boxing is a UK-based boxing promoter featured regularly on DAZN.

They have featured prominently due to the number of UK boxers that have recently seen considerable success.

Who are the Matchroom Girls

If you have been watching boxing events on DAZN recently, the DAZN ring girls you may have come across could be the Matchroom Girls representing Matchroom Boxing.

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/matchroom_girls/

We will profile some of the DAZN ring girls that are currently a part of the Matchroom promotion.

Megan Christie

As a former Liverpool Beauty Queen, Megan joined the Matchroom team as an initial replacement for Maura Higgins who was working on ITV’s Love Island.

Megan is a beauty model with over 21K followers on Instagram. She lists her passions as motherhood, travel, and lifestyle. She returned to ringside duties for Josh Warrington’s rematch with Mauricio Lara in September 2021 as the ring girl’s first boxing appearance following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jennifer McSween

The brunette recently appeared in front of 60,000 fans for the Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk fight.

She has 32k Instagram followers and is a keen boxing fan who loves the be ringside for the Joshua fights given the fantastic atmosphere.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, Anthony Joshua’s stardom is fading following the defeat to Usyk and the shock loss to Andy Ruiz.

Sophie Danvers

There are not a lot of details online regarding Sophie Danvers’s personal life although she has an impressive social media following of over 75,000 followers.

The UK fashion model is a regular on the boxing scene and has appeared in numerous DAZN broadcasts.

Other DAZN Ring Girls

Here are some other ring girls that have appeared on DAZN broadcasts over the last few years.

Samantha Kumiko

Samantha appeared recently at the YouTuber fight Logan Paul V KSI 2. She is also a certified nurse when she is not ringside at boxing events.

She has appeared as a ring girl at a lot of recent events such as the infamous Connor McGregor V Floyd Mayweather.

She is reported to have earnt up to $250,000 in 2021 and $10,000 per high-profile fight.

Kyra Keli

Kyra is a “Corona” girl and often appears on PPV events such as Wilder V Fury as well as some of the DAZN events.

The new york native has recently moved to Hawaii and has previously been employed by Maserati and Toyo tires.

She is a self-confessed “theatre dork” and has gained professional education in drama and film.

Kiara Gomez

A Premier Boxing Champs promotion ring girl, Kiara is also a “Corona” girl who has appeared ringside at numerous boxing fights.

She definitely falls into the “influencer” stratosphere with over 85,000 followers on Instagram.

She has recently appeared in a short film alongside Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan and got her first big break in appearing at the NY Fashion week as a teenager.

What do ring girls do?

Ring girls have been a common sight at combat sports events around the world for decades. They are commonly tasked with holding cards that document the round number just before the round is due to start.

Many of the girls employed are beauty models and social media influencers.

How much money do ring girls make?

The amount of money that ring girls make varies wildly in both MMA and Boxing.

UFC ring girls have been revealed to make anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 per fight (on PPV events).

For boxing, back in 2018, ring girls were documented to make up to $70,000 per year. As of 2021, this is reported to have increased up to $250,000.

The bigger the promotion or event, the more money a ring girl will make.

How to become a boxing ring girl?

Signing up for a talent agency is a good place to start. It will also be useful to have a reasonable-sized social media following and to have participated in the beauty scene.

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