What is LG Super Resolution? (Solved)

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So you’re scrolling through the LG TV settings and stumble across an enticing menu option labeled “Super Resolution”.

You get excited when you see that it is currently set to “off”, but then you think to yourself, what is LG Super Resolution?

  • Is LG Super Resolution worth my time?
  • What impact does it have on gaming?

We have taken the time to dig a little deeper and give you some insights and recommendations.

So What is it Exactly?

LG Super Resolution is an option that can “Improve blurry or unclear areas for a sharper image”

This functionality appears to focus on improving lower-quality content such as SD “Standard Definition” and potentially a 720p resolution by enhancing the sharpness of the picture.

The very act of picture sharpening will improve a blurry or slightly pixelated picture.

We have a guide that covers the best picture modes on LG TVs.

How can I access LG Super Resolution on my TV?

Please note, the ability to access this setting is dependent on your LG TV model.

On newer LG TVs, you can access super-resolution by following the steps below.

  • Settings (on remote)
  • All Settings
  • Picture
  • Clarity
  • Super Resolution

Access LG Super Resolution on older TVs

Assuming your TV is already turned on, hit the settings button on the remote.

LG Remote Settings Button

Now you will see the setting menu appear on the left-hand side of the TV (Please note that this may vary depending on the model of your LG TV).

At the bottom of the row of icons, you should see the all settings button. Please select this option to proceed to the next menu.

LG TV all settings option

When the new menu on the right-hand side appears, it should default to the Picture setting, and this is where we navigate down to the “Advanced Controls” option.

LG TV Advanced Control Option

Now you are almost here! – Scroll down the Advanced Controls menu to find “Super Resolution”.

When highlighting Super Resolution, you will see the blurb with the aforementioned description of this feature by LG.

LG Super Resolution Option

Finally, you have 4 Super Resolution options to choose from

  1. Off
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High
LG Super Resolution off or on

These options will dictate the amount of picture sharpening that is applied to the content that is displayed on the screen.

Feel free to test each option to see if it increases the clarity of the content that you are viewing.

Below is a video that also covers the same steps that are detailed above.

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LG Super Resolution + Monitor

The super-resolution feature has also been implemented on some LG monitors, here’s a quick guide on how to access it.

Super Resolution+ Monitor Settings
  1. Press button on the bottom of the Monitor setFUNC.to display theOSD.FUNC
  2. Select SUPER RESOLUTION+ by pressing the ►button.
  3. Enter to SUPER RESOLUTION+ by pressing the ▼button
  4. Set the options by pressing the ◄ or ► buttons
  5. Select EXIT to leave the OSD menu. To return to the upper menu or set other menu items, use the uparrow()button

Below is the description that is given in the LG Monitor manual

NORMAL Select this when you want to use the product in the most general using environment. In the General mode, the SUPER+ RESOLUTION is turned off
LOWWhen the user wants a natural video screen with soft image, it helps to get the optimized screen.It is effective for video with small movement or still image.
MEDIUMWhen the user wants a comfortable video screen at the medium level between low and high mode, it helps to get the optimized screen. It is effective for UCC and SD level videos
HIGHWhen the user wants a sharp video screen with clear images, it helps to get the optimized screen.It is effective for high resolution video screen

What does LG say about Super Resolution?

Here is a snippet from LG’s promotion of this feature

“LG has put Super + Resolution on these screens, the opportunity to have more vivid, pure and sharp images.

SUPER+ Resolution technology improves the quality of images, removing the problems of faded images and blurred edges, which are usually unavoidable when enlarging them”

I must admit that LG does a stellar in their description of this feature, but is it worth your time?

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Is LG Super Resolution good for gaming?

Despite the limited information online, based on our experience and knowledge of both TVs and gaming, We do not recommend LG Super-Resolution for gaming.

These types of advanced features will take additional processing power from the CPU of the TV.

This will more than likely increase the input lag from the controller to the TV and offer a subpar gaming experience.

We’ve heard alternative opinions suggesting that this increases the picture clarity, and therefore you should enable the Super Resolution, we, however, would rather have a more responsive gaming experience and leave this disabled.

Upon reviewing forums that discuss these very features, the vast majority of users claim that they cannot notice a difference in picture quality.

If you are a retro gamer who plays games that have a limited output of less than 1080p, then you may have more luck and a crisper image.

It is also interesting to note that you cannot use super-resolution on PC from LG TVs.

Super Resolution is not available when connecting to a PC
Super Resolution is not available when connecting to a PC

The easiest way to decide?, to try this yourself!, as the tutorial above shows, Super Resolution can be enabled / disabled in less than a minute.

Compare your gaming experience with the options available and see which one you prefer!

LG have produced an article which covers 4K gaming on the new Xbox consoles.

The Final Verdict

As discussed above, for gaming, we would not recommend that you turn on this feature due to input lag.

I would consider turning LG Super Resolution On if I was watching content that had a lower resolution than 1080p.

The LG Super Resolution is not a flagship feature of TVs and Monitors and I would describe it as “experimental” both in the way in which it is designed and finally, the fact that you need to test it for yourself and be the judge on whether it is worth your time.

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