What Does Clearing Local Saved Games Do?

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If you are a frequent Xbox user, you may ask: What does clearing local Saved games do?

People who ask this question often encounter an error such as: “We Can’t Save More Data For This Game or App” or, alternatively, need to reduce their hard disk usage.

What Does Clearing Local Saved Games Do

What are Xbox saved games?

Xbox saved games are data files that store the progression and statistics of an Xbox game you have played.

This may mean progress in games such as Skyrim, where you are reaching the end of the game or in Minecraft, where you have created and built your world.

The saved games will also store progression and game statistics linked to your Xbox profile.

Call of Duty will often save your K/D ratio and game stats so that you can track your progress throughout the game’s lifespan.

How does Xbox save games work?

Your Xbox has two primary locations where your saved game data can be stored.

Local: This means that the save games are stored on your Xbox hard disk

Cloud: The location of your saved games is situated online through the Microsoft servers

What Does Clearing Local Saved Games Do?

Clearing locally saved games means deleting all your saved game data from your Xbox hard disk.

Is it safe to clear local saved games?

Generally, if your Xbox is connected to the internet and you are signed into your Xbox profile, it will be safe to clear your saved game data.

When connected online, your saved data is backed up in the Microsoft Cloud.

Suppose you have not connected your Xbox to the internet or are not connected for an extended period. In that case, you will risk permanently losing your saved game data entirely or from the last time you were connected online.

Why would I want to clear local saved games?

As mentioned in the intro, the most common reasons for clearing your local saved game data are when you encounter an error or want to free up space.

Over time, and with some games in particular, your local saved game data can get corrupted, preventing you from saving and further game progress on your Xbox console.

We also know that hard disk space comes at a premium, especially with the latest generation of Xbox consoles.

Removing your locally saved game data can free up space on your hard disk, allowing you to install or update other games if your free memory runs low.

How do I clear local saved games?

To clear local saved games on your Xbox, you navigate through some device settings on your Xbox console.

Step 1: Clear Local Saved Data

To remove your locally saved data, navigate to the XBOX settings page.

Click the menu button on your XBOX controller.

Xbox controller menu button

Now navigate to your profile.

Xbox console, selecting your profile

Select the settings options from this screen.

Xbox console settings menu

Navigate through the SETTINGS menu to SYSTEM and then STORAGE DEVICES

Xbox storage devices settings


Warning: Please ensure you have been connected to the internet recently.

Your local saves will be deleted. However, these will be backed up in the cloud if your console is connected to the internet.

The console will restart after you select this option. Upon reboot, your console will sync your cloud save games onto your Xbox console.

clear local saved games option

Once you have chosen this option, your Xbox console must restart.


What Does Clearing Local Saved Games Do? – This deletes Xbox save data from your console’s hard disk.

You should be careful when choosing this option and be mindful that if your data is not stored in the cloud, it will be lost permanently.

This tool is helpful when you encounter save game errors or want to free up some space on your hard disk.