Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen TV (Try This!)

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If you have been streaming long enough, you may notice that Netflix is stuck on loading screen TV issues, which stops you from streaming content.

We look at what causes Netflix to become stuck on the loading screen and what steps you can take to resolve this issue.

How do I fix it when Netflix is stuck On the loading screen TV??

Netflix will get stuck on the loading screen due to a poor internet connection, account problems, or a software configuration issue.

Unfortunately, when the Netflix logo becomes stuck, the app becomes unresponsive, preventing you from watching your show or movie.

A screenshot of Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen TV

Here are some tips on how to make fix Netflix stuck on the loading screen on your TV:

Method 1: Restart your internet router

When this issue occurs on Netflix, I find that the most effective fix is to restart my router.

How do I restart my router?

To restart your home internet router, unplug it for 30-60 seconds before plugging it back in.

Unplug your router, stopNetflix being stuck on the loading screen

Why does resetting your router reduce the chance of Netflix getting stuck on the loading screen?

Sometimes Netflix will come stuck on the loading page due to a faulty internet connection, and you will often fix the issue by restarting your router.

When you have not restarted your router in some time, like a PC, performance will degrade as more tasks and devices are added.

Restarting your router can help improve download speed and responsiveness by clearing unimportant tasks and devices.

Method 2: Restart the Netflix app

You should restart the app when attempting to fix Netflix being stuck on the loading screen.

To ensure that updates are installed correctly, restarting is necessary.

Providing a new internet connection to the Netflix servers, it enhances the performance.

Method 3: Sign out of the Netflix app

On some occasions, it is possible that restarting Netflix might not result in logging out of your account.

To ensure a seamless playback experience, it is recommended that you log out of your account to prevent any potential issues related to your account.

Method 4: Restart your TV

Netflix being stuck on the loading screen when using the TV could indicate an issue with your TV rather than the app itself.

You should power cycle your TV by unplugging it for 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

After rebooting, any updates will be installed to improve your performance. This will clear your RAM and caches, and provide a new internet connection to the Netflix servers.

This has also been helpful in instances where Netflix keeps kicking me out.

Method 5: Update your Netflix app

On your TV, it’s highly likely that you are using an app to access Netflix, you should update it.

Incomplete or partial installations of the Netflix app can cause it to become stuck when loading

Method 6: Disconnect other devices from the internet

As notorious B.I.G once said, “more devices, more problems”, well at least that’s what I think he said.

Is someone in your home watching Netflix? What about your phone? Is someone downloading games or apps on XBOX?

Every device you can disconnect from your internet will help prevent Netflix loading issues.

Method 7: Close any apps that are running

If you run multiple apps at the same time, it can use up a lot of your device’s resources and internet bandwidth allowance.

To reduce the chance of Netflix becoming stuck, try limiting the number of applications you have running simultaneously.

Method 8: Update your TV software/firmware

Another likely culprit is outdated software or firmware on your TV.

Having up-to-date firmware is the best practice to avoid software issues.

It gives you access to new applications and features and a better viewing experience.

Ensuring you have the latest software on your TV gives you access to new apps and an improved viewing experience.

Method 9: Use an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi

Use a wired connection (ethernet cable) if you can. You will get a more reliable and faster internet connection which can also reduce the chances of Netflix becoming stuck.

Wired internet connections transmit data quicker and are less susceptible to interference.

Wi-Fi connections are slower and generally have a slower response time.

Also, consider the distance between your router and the TV you are using to stream Netflix.

You must also factor in the number of objects between the devices, such as walls, floors, and ceilings, as these can contribute to an unstable internet connection.

Method 10: Disable any Ad blockers or VPNs

When Netflix is glitchy, your VPN or ad blocker may be causing this.

Unfortunately, VPNs and Ad blockers will almost always cause issues when streaming content.

These tools create another dependency that can cause Netflix not to work correctly.

Method 11: Upgrade your Internet Connection

If you have access to fast internet connections in the area in which you reside, it may be worth considering upgrading your internet connection.

A 10mbps connection will stream content slower than a 1gbps connection. Could the Netflix spinning wheel issues be linked to your purchased internet speed?

Method 12: Upgrade your Router

If you’ve been upgrading your internet speed with your ISP but still have an older router, it’s a good idea to check your maximum download speed.

Having a 1gbps connection is great, but if your router can only download at 100mbps, it creates a significant bottleneck.

Method 13: Check to make sure Netflix servers are working

Although most Netflix issues will result from your home internet network or software, It is worth confirming that there are no issues or outages with the Netflix servers.

Check the Netflix servers when it becomes stuck on the loading page
The Down Detector website monitors the Netflix network for any issues

Method 15: Contact Netflix Support

If you can’t get Netflix to load correctly after trying all the steps above, it may be time to contact Netflix support for more help.


When Netflix starts becoming stuck on loading on your TV, it can be super frustrating.

The cause of the loading issues is commonly due to the internet connection or your software.

We hope the methods outlined in this guide have resolved these issues.