Hyundai Android Auto Not Working (Do This!)

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Are you experiencing Hyundai Android Auto not working issues and getting upset that you can no longer enjoy the comfort of driving with your Android Auto enabled? 

Don’t fret! Your car is not damaged, and you are not alone in this.

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Many users have complained of similar issues, and this guide was made to help you tackle them.

Carefully follow the procedures provided here to resolve the Hyundai Android Auto issue.

Why is Hyundai Android Auto not Working?

The reason why Hyundai Android Auto is not working is likely due to problems with USB cables or ports, a software glitch, an unsupported mobile device, or incorrect software configuration.

Several additional factors can also cause Hyundai Android Auto not to work.

Some of these are;

  • Wrong Settings
  • Corrupt cache data in the Android Auto app
  • Android Auto is not enabled in the vehicle

If Android Auto is not enabled or not connected properly to your Hyundai infotainment system, it will not work, so follow the steps below to set it up.

First, install the Android Auto app from Playstore into your mobile device

How to properly set up Android Auto on Hyundai

For Wired connections

  1. Locate the USB data port in your car and plug in your USB cable
  2. Ensure your cables are of high quality
  3. Press setup>Device connection
  4. From the list on the following interface, Click Android Auto
  5. Check the Enable Android Auto box
  6. Connected the USB to your mobile device
  7. From the pop-up on your device, accept the connection request

For wireless connections

  1. Confirm first that your device supports wireless Android Auto
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on your mobile device
  3. While in Park Mode, click Setup>Wi-Fi on your Hyundai car
  4. Select the Use Wi-Fi for Phone Projection option
  5. This process will enable the wireless Android Auto connection in your Hyundai vehicle.

If, after the setup, Android Auto still does not work, move to the next fix!

How to Fix Hyundai Android Auto not Working

If Android Auto is not working on your Hyundai, many fixes exist.

But, I’ll usually recommend carrying out some basic checks, which may eventually resolve the issue before wasting time on more complex fixes.

Here are some preliminary checks to carry out;

  • Confirm that Android Auto is enabled in your Hyundai car
  • Ensure that Android Auto has been granted access rights to your car’s head unit
  • Enable GPS on your Android device

Method 1: Check if your Hyundai Model is Compatible with Android Auto

Not all Hyundai models are compatible with Android Auto, so before getting excited about connecting your car to Android Auto, confirm their compatibility first.

Many Hyundai models manufactured before 2017 may not work with Android Auto. 

Also, your Android device may not be compatible with the Android Auto app. Android Auto is compatible with Android OS version 8.0 for wired connection and 11.0 and above for wireless connection.

To check your phone’s operating system, do this;

Open your  Settings>About Phone, then tap the Software Information option to confirm your OS version.

Method 2: Reboot Your Android Device

Rebooting your device will refresh your phone’s system, close all apps running in the background, and clear minor glitches affecting its performance.

Simply rebooting your phone can clear errors in the Android Auto app and resolve the Hyundai Android Auto not working issue.

Method 3: Update the Android Auto App

You may experience the Hyundai Android Auto not working if your Android Auto app is outdated.

Below are quick steps to update Android Auto on your device;

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android Device
  2. Tap on the Profile icon located at the top right of the screen
  3. From the options, select Manage Apps and device
  4. From the following interface, choose Updates available
  5. You might update all your apps by clicking the Update All option or find Android Auto and click the Update option beside it. 

This process may vary based on your device’s make and model.

Method 4: Update your Android Device

Apart from updating your app, you may also be required to update your phone’s software to get Hyundai Android Auto not working problems fixed.

The steps below can help you update your device, but may vary based on your phone type;

  1. Go to your Home screen and select Settings
  2. Open Software Update>Check for Updates
  3. All available updates will appear here
  4. Tap on Install to download and install the update
  5. This will install your phone’s new updates
  6. You can turn on the Automatic Update option

Method 5: Check your USB Port and Cable

If you are experiencing Android Auto not working issues, you may need to change faulty USB cables or try a different USB port. 

If your USB cable is of low quality, it will fail quickly or may not even work.

While choosing USB cables to connect your phone to your Hyundai infotainment system, choose high-quality and recommended cables.

Also, long USB cables are usually not the best, so use one that’s one (1) foot long.

For the USB ports, confirm that the cable fits properly into the port and there is no obstruction.

Clean your phone jack and connectors and ensure everything is working fine.

Method 6: Enable GPS

Some users may forget to enable GPS on their Android device, which is one reason Android Auto is not working on Hyundai.

Quickly enable your device’s GPS by;

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device
  2. Open the Biometrics and Security tab
  3. Select Location
  4. Move the toggle slider to the right to enable the GPS

Method 7: Reset the Infotainment system in Hyundai

A reset on the Infotainment system might be the fix to resolve the Hyundai Android Auto not working issue.

Here’s how to carry that out; 

  1. Locate the pinhole button on the right side of the climate control button area.
  2. Using a sim ejector, pin-point pen, or similar objects, press and hold the button for up to 15 seconds
  3. If this is successful, your infotainment system will reboot, and your Android Auto may start working correctly again.

Method 8: Clear the cache of the Android Auto app

Your phone cache can contain corrupt files that will affect the performance of your mobile device.

If you are having issues with Android Auto, you may be required to delete corrupt files from the cache and equally free up some storage space.

Here’s how to;

  1. Go to Settings from your phone’s Menu
  2. Navigate the options and select App
  3. Find the Android Auto app and click Storage
  4. Next, click on Clear Cache>Clear data
  5. Confirm the action if prompted and reboot your phone
  6. Relaunch the Android Auto app 

Method 9: Update Hyundai Infotainment System

Suppose you haven’t updated the Hyundai Sonata (the Hyundai infotainment system) yet.

In that case, it’s bound to develop glitches and errors that could prevent CarPlay from establishing a connection with the system. 

Updating the Hyundai infotainment system is easy.

You’ll find all the necessary steps to update the system on the Hyundai navigational software update guide.

Just apply the steps correctly, and you’ll be done quickly.

Method 10: Disconnect and reconnect your device

If you use a USB to connect your phone to your Hyundai infotainment system, try disconnecting and reconnecting the cable.

Similarly, if you are using a wireless connection, follow the steps below to unpair and reconnect;

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone
  2. Go to More Connection>Bluetooth
  3. You’ll find your vehicle in the list of paired devices, unpair for a moment, and reconnect again to connect afresh.

Method 11: Disable VPN and Proxy Connections

VPNs are helpful tools for online security, but sometimes, they disrupt some functions of your device. 

A VPN will mask your IP address and can cause IP conflict when using Android Auto with your car.

Other times, Android Auto may not be compatible with your VPN and will affect its performance, leading to Hyundai Android Auto not working issues.

Method 12: Contact Support

The fixes I listed above are tested and are supposed to resolve the issue of Hyundai Android Auto.

But, in case they don’t,  it implies the problem is more complex and a technical issue that requires a professional fix. 

You can contact either Google support or the Hyundai Support team for help.

If your car is still under warranty, you can have the issue resolved for free.

Final Thoughts

Troubleshooting Hyundai Android Auto not working can be a bit tasking, but you can achieve this faster with the right guide.

Carefully follow the steps in this guide to fix Hyundai Android Auto not working issues.