How to delete app on LG TV (Easy Ways)

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From time to time, you may want to clear out your unused apps to make it easier to navigate or save space on your LG TV storage.

This article covers how to completely remove apps from your LG TV, we do also have a guide on how to close apps on LG TV.

Deleting apps or removing apps on LG smart TVs is easy, our quick guide will take you through the steps.

How do I remove an app on my LG TV?

  • Press the Home Button
  • Navigate to the app that you wish to delete
  • Long press the Select Button on the remote when the corresponding app is highlighted
  • Select the Trash Can icon that appears above the app

These steps can vary depending on the combination of your LG TV model and the version of the Web OS that you are running.

Some users have been deleting apps as they are issues where their LG Smart TV won’t download apps.

Below, we have a more detailed walkthrough on how you can delete apps on different LG Smart TV models.

Delete apps on LG TV Web OS 6.0 (Newer LG TV Models)

If your LG TV is currently running the new LG Web OS 6.0 follow these steps.

What does Web OS 6.0 look like?

If you are running Web OS 6.0, your home screen should look similar to this in its layout and appearance.

LG Smart TV Web OS 6.0 home screen

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen

It would be best if you went to the home screen as this is the place where you can frequently access your LG TV apps.

To get to the home screen, press the Home icon on your LG Smart TV remote.

Home button on a newer LG remote.

Step 2: Navigate to, and highlight the app that you want to delete

On the Home Screen of your LG TV, highlight the LG TV app that you want to delete.

Step 3: Long press the Select button

When you long-press the select button, you should now see the Edit Apps screen.

The selected app should appear with a trash can icon appear above.

Step 4: Delete the LG TV App

As soon as you highlight and select the trash can icon, the app will be removed from your LG TV.

Delete apps on older LG TV Models

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen

Head to the home screen by pressing the Home Button on your remote

Step 2: Navigate to the app that you want to delete

Press and hold the OK button until the edit mode menu appears.

Step 3: Delete the app

Now you will see an X symbol above the app, select this to remove the app from your LG TV.

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Why would I want to delete an app on my LG TV?

People have many reasons for deleting apps from their LG TV, let’s take a deeper look.

You no longer use the app

If you find that you are no longer using the app, then you may opt to remove it completely from your LG TV.

You need more storage space on your LG Smart TV

Each and every app that you install on your LG TV takes up both space and resources.

If you find that you are running out of storage space on your TV, you may wish to delete some less frequently used applications.

Organization of your apps

When you have downloaded numerous apps, your LG TV web OS can start to look crowded.

Having too many apps downloaded also makes it harder to navigate.

If you have a cluttered home screen or it takes you longer to find the app you want, you may want to delete some apps from your LG TV to make your life a little easier.

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You want to increase the performance of your LG smart TV

Have you installed a lot of apps? If so, they will more than likely have a negative impact on the performance of your TV.

The more apps that you have installed, the more RAM and memory resources you are demanding from your TV.

If your LG TV is sluggish and slow to respond then you may want to consider removing some of those older applications that you no longer use.

Contact LG Support

If none of our tips have helped you be able to delete apps on your LG TV, then it might be time to consider contacting LG support to investigate this further.


It is very easy to remove apps on LG TVs using the steps above. We hope this article was useful in helping you manage your LG Smart TV applications.

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