How Do I Cancel Peacock On My Phone? (Try This!)

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I tried to figure out how to cancel Peacock on my phone for a while before I could finally do it. 

Canceling Peacock on the device is easy, but the process varies based on your device type. 

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The on-demand video streaming service launched by NBC Universal in 2020 makes it possible for users to watch certain content for free and equally subscribe to budget-friendly plans.  

So, if you are a subscriber and wish to unsubscribe from Peacock quickly, follow this guide to discover quick ways to cancel Peacock on your Android or iOS phone.

What are the Different Peacock Plans?

Peacock has three tiers with unique features and pricing, making the platform budget-friendly. The different Peacock plans are;

Free Tier

Price: Free

Peacock’s free version allows users to watch movies, sports and shows for long hours at no cost.

Peacock (free) limits users’ screen time to 13,000 hours and does not give access to exclusive content.

It also screens many ads, which I see as very distracting when watching movies.

Peacock Premium

Price: $4.99/month or $50/year

You can subscribe to Peacock Premium at $ 4.99/month or $50/year.

With Peacock Premium, you can access 20,000 hours of viewing your favorite shows, movies, and live sports.

The plan also includes ads but very few as compared to the free version.

Peacock Premium Plus

Price: 9.99/month or $100/year

This is usually the best option if you have the financial capacity.

You pay $9.99/month or $100/year for unlimited access to content on Peacock.

The most exciting thing is that random ads do not interrupt your movie-viewing moments.

How to Cancel Peacock on Your Phone

The process of canceling Peacock differs based on your device.

There are different procedures for Android and iOS devices.

Also, you can cancel Peacock on your devices using an internet browser.

Follow the procedures below to cancel Peacock on your devices.

Method 1: Cancel Peacock on your iOS Devices

You can cancel the Peacock subscription on your iOS devices using the steps below;

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID
  3. Navigate the options till you get to Subscription
  4. Select Subscription>Manage
  5. Choose Peacock and find the Edit option
  6. Select Cancel Subscription

This will be effective if you subscribed to Peacock via the App store

Method 2: Cancel Peacock on Android Devices

For Android devices, follow the procedure below to cancel Peacock;

  1. Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Open the Profile icon located at the top right side of your screen
  3. Select the Manage your Google Account option
  4. Find the Payments and Subscription option and highlight it
  5. Choose Subscriptions
  6. You’ll find the Cancel Subscription option. Select it to cancel your Peacock subscription.

Method 3: Cancel Peacock Online

If you don’t want to use the Peacock App, you can cancel your subscription directly from their Website using your browser.

Here’s how to cancel Peacock from your browser; 

  1. Open
  2. Log in to your Peacock account 
  3. Select the Plans & Payment option
  4. Click the Change Plan option
  5. Select Peacock Free>Confirm
  6. This will cancel your Peacock subscription 

This method only applies if you signed in using Peacock’s official website.

Method 4: Cancel Peacock on Third-Party Devices or Services

If you sign up for Peacock through third-party services or devices, you can cancel your subscription only through these third-party services.

To cancel Peacock on Roku’s website, follow these processes;

  1. Open on your device
  2. Select the Manage your Subscriptions option
  3. Locate Peacock on the list of Channels
  4. Click on the Unsubscribe option to cancel Peacock

Method 5: Contact Support

If all these methods do not work for you, you can contact Peacock support to help you cancel your Peacock subscription from their end.

Final Thoughts

If, for one reason or another, you wish to cancel your Peacock subscription, this article has detailed steps to help you out.

The steps are easy, so go through this guide to cancel Peacock on your phone.